Top Benefits of Banana For Men & Women of Every age

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A banana is not only a delicious fruit but it is rich in so many healthy nutrients and healthy components, which 90 % of people don’t know. In this article we tried to give you a brief idea of the health benefits of Banana, what are the advantages of banana for the human health and effects of eating banana on the human organs.

After reading the eating benefits of bananas for good health and strong body you will see the way of looking bananas. Banana is among those fruits which have so many benefits in them for example you may don’t know that banana cure the diabetes, it helps you to get rid of tension & stress, banana improves the eyesight and make your skin glowing.

If you want a healthy body, relaxed and intelligent brain and happy life then include the habit of eating banana daily. Make the salad and different dishes which contain the banana to take theadvantages of banana.

Banana is a complete diet for children’s and others who cannot chew the hard things. So let’s start exploring the bananas benefits for men. To take the high health benefit of banana try to eat bananas at breakfast, it will also make your remaining day very comfortable and tired free.




Following is the summary of major health banana benefits:

  •  Banana Improves the eyesight.
  • Banana Reduce chances heart attack.
  • Banana Controls the Type-II diabetes.
  • Banana Make your Teeth and bones Strong.
  • Banana Reduce the mental tension & stress.
  • Banana Prevent the chronic diseases.
  • Banana Make your mood happier.
  • Banana helps you to quit smoking.
  • Bananas contain the tryptophan in it which is used in medicines for the patients of depressions.People who eat banana feel less tension and stress as compared to another. This is a very important benefit of banana that it makes your brain relax and you will comfortably even in odd situations.
  • When you have to do some physical work then just eat 2 bananas to get instant energy and power to complete the work without tiredness. Banana is anti-tired agent to make your body stronger.
  • If you have joint pain and muscle cramping problem the banana is very useful for you. Try to eat banana daily or make a banana shake if you don’t like to eat bananas.
  • Banana benefits include the building of strong bones and muscles because banana contains iron, magnesium and calcium in very large amount.
  • Nutrition presents in Banana is also good for the treatment of Type-II diabetes. It helps tocontrol and reduce the sugar levels.
  • Banana is also useful to reduce the swelling and losing weight. During the dieting mostly it is suggested to eat banana instead of other healthy diet.
  • Banana benefits are not limited to the physical appear of human but other health uses of banana are lowering of high blood pressure, banana reduce the risk of heart attack andreduce the BP.
  • Banana protects you from the kidney cancer and provides the macular cells to improve your eyesight. Bananas are very beneficial for the health of the eyes.
  • Another health benefit of banana includes the protection from the itching & irritation especially in the season of summer.
  • The eating of Banana controls the blood sugar and prevent from chronic diseases because banana contains the magnesium and potassium in very large quantity.
  • Banana is very useful during the high fever or temperature.
  • Bananas have a rich quantity of B-vitamins which helps you to stop smoking. So banana is a very good fruit to quit smoking. Doctors suggest the smokers to eat a banana when they will feel the need of smoking so same goes for you if you are a smoker and want to leave it then just eat a banana before smoking and soon you will leave the smoking.
  • Banana makes the teeth strong as well as you can make your teeth whiter in 3 days by rubbing the banana peel.
  • Banana contains the protease inhibitor which prevents the stomach ulcers. Banana kills the germs of ulcers and makes your stomach healthy.

These are the some important and major benefit of banana eating for physical and mental health. Benefits of banana are not limited to the above mentioned banana benefits but there may be bundles of advantages of banana. If you make the habit of eating banana and Apple daily then you will protect yourself from the many diseases and live a healthy life.