Long Eggs Recipe (Video)

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The shape of an egg doesn’t need to be oval. Changing the shape to a line makes in easier to slice the egg in even pieces.   You can image how many eggs you need to get 20 equal egg … Continued


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Allergic reactions can be a complicated illness to defeat, and can hassle you for lifestyle but, that does not mean you can’t do anything about it. Actually, there is a lot of methods you can try to defeat it normally … Continued

Top 7 Foods That Improve Mens Health

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A wholesome and healthful diet is prerequisite for both men and women but nutritional needs of men are far different from that of women. For instance, food that men eat should be balanced in nutrients that support greater physical activity … Continued

5 Foods You Should Include in Cardiac Diet

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Everyone knows the importance of having a healthy heart in order to lead a good life and thus it is necessary to maintain a proper diet apart from abstaining from smoking, dealing with stress and exercising regularly. Some of the … Continued

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