5 Fruits You Should Eat to Prevent Hair loss

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Hair is important for both men and women which gives an unique beauty. Hair loss is one of major problem for both the sex in today’s world. The reason for hair fall can be many, it may be due to pollution, or due to various chemicals present water. People try various methods and techniques to prevent hair loss. In some cases the problem is resolved and in other case it becomes very worse. But have you ever wondered that fruits can help you naturally to prevent hair loss. Surprised! Well don’t be surprised it’s true that there are some fruits that will actually help in preventing hair loss.


It is considered one of the best fruit which prevent hair loss. The antioxidant properties of banana will help you to get rid of the irritation feeling of the scalp and prevents hair loss. Just make a paste of the banana and apply it on your hair. Keep it for 15 mins and then wash with cold water. Your hair will become shiny and lustrous.



One of the main reason for your hair loss may be due to dandruff which is nothing but fungal growth on your scalp when your scalp becomes too much dry. One of the best way to treat is using the vitamin A rich fruit guava. Guava nourishes the scalp and promotes proper hair growth and increases the functioning of the mucous membrane of the scalp, thereby preventing hair loss.



Grapes are rich in antioxidant and minerals which are very much important for your skin and for your hair also to prevent hair loss. Just apply the grapes as a hair pack and keep it for 10 mins and wash it with cold water. You can also enjoy this lovely fruit by eating it which will enhance the growth of your hairs in your scalp.



Lemon is one of the best fruit which will help you to reduce the irritation feeling of the scalp and also the dandruff from the scalp, thereby preventing hair loss.



The antioxidant, vitamin and fiber content of this medically important fruit is very much good for your hair.