3 Delicious Banana Smoothies

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For loosing your weight you have tried every thing. You have tried diet, walking, exercise everything that are possible for you. But do you have try smoothies for weight loss? If not then try now. Banana smoothies are excellent for weight loss. It comes with the goodness of banana which is good for your digestive system. Banana smoothies are very delicious in taste that you will like it very much. It also comes with the goodness of other fruits which is helpful for your body. In all the smoothies sesame seeds, sunflower seed and flax seed is used. It is used to fulfill the nutrition level that is caused by controlling your diet with out affecting your diet. Don’t skip your meals. Try these smoothies for weight loss which is one of the safe way of healthy weight loss.Banana is also good source of vitamin k, B complex and potassium.

Banana And Apple Smoothie

Banana apple smoothie is a tasty drink that can be made easily in your home. It comes with the goodness of fruits and honey.



First peel the skin of the apple otherwise the smoothie will have a little bitter taste and also remove the skin of the banana. Mix in the blender the peeled and sliced fruits. Pour the banana and the liquids like honey, almond milk etc. in the blender. Then add apple slices to get the consistency you like. Now add the ice cubes, lecithin granules and raisin paste in the blender and blend it again for minutes. Pour in to the glasses. Your banana apple smoothie is ready to drink.



Small apples 1­2 (cut into small pieces), Banana 1, Honey 1 tea spoon, Raisins ¼ cup (soaked overnight), Almond Milk ½ cup, Ice cubes 1­2 cubes, Lecithin granules 1­teaspoon , Flax seed oil 2 tablespoons

Banana-Peach-Milk Smoothie

Banana­Peach­Milk Smoothie is another great smoothie that one can try for weight loss purpose. It will stop your hunger with out putting extra weight. It is delicious in taste thus you can enjoy it with getting the benefits of fruits. Sunflower seed and flax seed are used in this smoothie which is beneficial for the skin health. This smoothie has plenty of fiber which is very good for your system. Semolina makes the smoothie heavy and meets your hunger.



Blend all the fruits in the blender. Now pour all of the seeds straight into the blender and blend it for few minutes till it goes soft. Now add cooked semolina, milk, lecithin granules and the oils. Pour the smoothie in to the glass and if you want add ice cubes in to it. If you want to increase the quantity of sesame and sunflower seeds you may do that as these ingredients are good for your skin health which does not affect your weight.



Fresh peaches 2 ( sliced with peel), Semolina 1 cup (cooked), Milk 1 cup, Banana ½ or 1, Sesame seeds 1 tea spoon, Sunflower seed 1 tea spoon, Lecithin granules 1 table spoon, Flax seed oil 2 table spoon.

Classic Banana Strawberry Smoothie

Go for the classic Banana Strawberry Smoothie for weight loss. It is a traditional smoothie with all the goodness of milk and fruits. Strawberry gives the smoothie a delicious taste along with the banana. Strawberry is an excellent source of vitamin C which helps you controlling body weight. Three types of seeds are used here which works for the health of the whole body. Honey is used for sweetening the smoothie which is proven according to the research is healthier than sugar for weight loss purpose



First pour all the seeds in the blender and blend them till they form a paste. Add banana and then milk and other liquids including the milk. Now add the strawberries in to the blender one by one on until you get the desired consistency of your choice. Pour the smoothie in a glass and add crushed ice to make the smoothie chilled.



Banana 1 (peeled and sliced), Lecithin granules 1 table spoon, Any type of bran 1 tea spoon, Milk 1 cup (skimmed milk is used here), Flax seeds 1 table spoon, Sunflower seeds 1­2 table spoons, Sesame seeds 1 tea spoon, Flax seed oil 1 table spoon.